Legal Aspects of Investment Climate in Russian Regions

July 3 - 4, 2014

Arkhangelsk Region Government,
Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

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Government of the Arkhangelsk Region

The Government is a supreme collective executive public authority with general power in the Arkhangelsk Region heading the system of executive bodies.

Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia

The Council of the Federation is the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly — the parliament of the Russian Federation.

According to the Article 95, part 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, two deputies from each subject (constituent entity) of the Russian Federation enter the Council of the Federation: one from representative and the other from executive body of state authority.

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Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Justice (Minyust) is a federal executive body responsible for drafting and implementing government policy and legal regulation in its field of competence.

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

Set up on the basis of Arkhangelsk State Technical University (ASTU), the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (NArFU) is a higher educational institution established by RF President Dmitry Medvedev’s Decree dd. 8 June 2010.

NArFU’s strategic tasks are closely linked with implementation of the national geopolitical interests in the Arctic. Russia lacks experts and technologies for the development of its Arctic area, its continental shelf and infrastructure. The University creates conditions necessary to support the industrial projects being launched in the polar region with personnel and technologies.


Business Event to Business

Business Event to Business Conference Center assists in organization of various business events and offers full package services to arrange conferences both in Russia and abroad on the most favorable terms. The company also provides a full range of consulting and marketing services including administration and financial management, transport and hotel logistics or solution of particular technical problems. Among the projects of the Conference Center is the organization of the annual St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Guest Conferences under the auspices of the Forum in London, the Hague and Rome, delegate management of the II Moscow Urban Forum, etc.

General partner

Strategic partner

JSC «SC «Zvyozdochka»

The landscape of JSC “SC “Zvyozdochka” which opens up before your eyes from the Nickolsky creek of the Northern Dvina river produces an indelible im­pression upon everyone who is lucky enough to see it at least once or may observe it everyday.

Large surface ships and nuclear power subma­rines which find a second life here, civil ships and floating drilling rigs under construction and propel­lers are a feather in the cap of the domestic shipbuild­ing and engineering industry.

The prestige as one of the leading Russian ship­yards is reinforced by skillful «Zvyozdochka» ship­builders by means of high quality refit and moderni­zation of submarines of the amicable India.

Dismantlement of decommissioned nuclear power submarines in compliance with international treaties at the premises of an outstanding range of dedicated arrangements is a major factor of the envi­ronmental safety in the European North.

Diamonds and jewels produced at «Zvyozdoch-ka» from local Belomorsky raw please with pure beauty and exility.

The new status of «Zvyozdochka» determined by the Russian President Decree as a shiprepairing center of Russia that includes shiprepairing yards at the White, Barents, Caspian, Azov and Black Seas will ensure all-round maintenance, refit and moderniza­tion of ships and vessels based in these regions. Such an extensive coverage of yards of the shiprepairing center leads it up to new levels of technical-military cooperation with countries of the Mediterranean, Af­rica, South-East Asia, India and China.

Those ships which find their second life or have been created at JSC «SC «Zvyozdochka» are going towards the ocean course with confidence.

Such is «Zvyozdochka» nowadays - keeping glo­rious traditions, boosting its pace of development and heading for the future.

We are producing:

  • Freezer trawlers, 50010 project;

  • Jack up floating drilling rigs;

  • Propulsion systems for various types of ships: Azimuth thrusters, Bow thrus-ters, Water Jets, ship propellers, shaftlines;

  • Furniture for vessels, ships, drilling platforms and drill shift settlements;

We can also carry out:

  • Repair and re-equipment of trawlers, seiners, research ships and other types of inland and sea going ships;

Official partner


Pen & Paper Law Firm

Pen & Paper is one of the leading regional law firms in Russia founded in 2009 in Saint-Petersburg. Сurrently the President of the firm is Valery Zinchenko.

Since 2012 the firm has been actively developing such area as criminal legal risk management of business in Russia while combining vast experience in M&A and dispute resolution with a strong criminal legal practice and due diligence.

The firm performs corporate, criminal, procedural and tax activities. In 2012 Pen & Paper took the lead in ranking on the site as the most successful regional law firm.

Event partners

KIAP, Attorneys at Law

KIAP, Attorneys at Law, offers their clients the full range of the legal services most often required by today’s businesses. With the offices based in Moscow and London, the law firm covers issues of Russian and foreign legislation.

On KIAP's team are 30 barristers, solicitors and patent attorneys, 10 of them are partners acknowledged in different sectors of Russian business. This is confirmed by recommendations in such international and Russian legal reference publications as Legal500, Chambers Europe, Chambers Global, Best Lawyers and Pravo.Ru-300.

In 2013 KIAP was nominated for a major international accolade, Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2013 as the Best Law Firm of the Year in Russia.

The client list includes major Russian and foreign companies. KIAP has an extensive international and regional network of affiliates.

Business programme partner

Media partners


Pravo.Ru is the only one Global Legal Information Project on Russian market serving as a wide-range professional counsel — a developed media and analytical gateway.

Pravo.Ru accumulates a solid volume of legal, social, political and business information, covering various affairs, endorsing professional point of view, promoting transparency of legal community.

The target audience of this website comprises businessmen, lawyers, journalists, political analysts and official persons representing the legislative branch.

“Novaya advokatskaya gazeta” (“New bars’ magazine”, “AG”)

“Novaya advokatskaya gazeta” (“New bars’ magazine”, “AG”) is a research and practice magazine of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation meant not only for bars but for all practicing lawyers. Issued since 2007 twice a month, the magazine is a 16-page edition on paper in the A3 series format. Considering professionalism as the main feature of a lawyer, “AG” pays much attention to practical experiences and recommendations from the most skilled colleagues on complicated topical issues of law enforcement and legal profession. “AG” publishes academic papers and analytics on all the branches of Russian and international law; interviews dedicated to the most interesting law cases; court reports; materials related to urgent issues of the development of modern society and legal profession. “AG” invites everybody to take part in discussions which often evolve on its pages. For more information, archive editions and online copies, visit the website

Discussions on publication are on the "AG"’s official account on Facebook.

Legal Insight

The “Legal Insight” is a principally new legal magazine which provides information on legal work techniques and tools and the latest trends in law and law enforcement, economics, finance, management, marketing, psychology and information technologies intended for modern Russian business legal support.

“Legal Insight” is a magazine for in-house counsels and law firms.

The Russian Legal Information agency (RAPSI)

The Russian Legal Information agency (RAPSI) is the first and only Russian media outlet established by the country’s Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Commercial Court, and the RIA Novosti news agency. It is aimed at making Russia’s judicial system more transparent and raising legal awareness among the Russian public.

At its website, RLIA covers the activities of Russian courts and human rights organizations. It also carries information about government resolutions and forthcoming court hearings, along with expert commentaries and background material. The site is visited by some 400,000 users a month.


LEXPRO can be described as an “intelligent” system which allows to receive search results based on the legal analysis rather than simply on the presence of certain keywords entered by a user (which is the way most of the currently available Russian databases work). This approach underlies the whole idea of LEXPRO and makes it a professional legal system. One of the key characteristics of the LEXPRO concept is that the user does not have to search for information on a particular topic as all necessary material has already been put together by a team of leading Russian lawyers. Owing to the abovementioned features, LEXPRO satisfies the need of professional users to minimize the time for the search of the necessary information and the wishes of non-professional users to obtain a guaranteed accurate information on issues of interest. Furthermore, LEXPRO can be successfully used for educational purposes since the principles behind the system and its internal structure fully correspond to legal doctrine and the logic of the legal science. A significant advantage of LEXPRO is the largest database of legislation, court decisions, commentaries and other sources, totaling over 8 million documents.

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law (UJBL)

The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law(UJBL) has been published in English since 2003 on a monthly basis and covers both the most relevant issues regarding doing business in Ukraine and indicative international experience. The Journal’s readers include managers and lawyers of leading international and Ukrainian companies; visitors and employees of foreign embassies in Ukraine; representatives of international organizations and think tanks; members of leading business and law associations; participants of local and global conferences. For more information, please visit our web-site:

The journal "Arbitration court"

The journal "Arbitration court" is the first and unique thematic issue in Russia, introducing actual and objective information about coming-to-be and development in our country of arbitration consideration, international commercial arbitration, mediation and other methods of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The main role of journal is to assist forming of high professional standard of using arbitration consideration and other methods of the ADR to resolve disputes and settle conflicts in business by presenting information about the up-to-date domestic and foreign experience.

The journal is oriented on practising lawyers, solicitors, arbiters and state judges, mediators and businessmen.

Russian state juridical newspaper «ej-JURIST»

“ej-JURIST” is a Russian juridical weekly newspaper; it publishes latest news, opinion and facts about legislation, and law application practice; it also performs the analysis of legal practice in different law sectors and systems and answers readers’ questions.

The newspaper is oriented to professional judges, lawyers, notaries; it will be also helpful for law students, businessmen, for companies which have no legalists or HRs in the staff, for accountants, auditors, tax officers.

The «Russian Law Journal» (RLJ) magazine

The “Russian Law Journal” (RLJ) magazine is one of the first English-language legal academic editions regularly published in Russia. It is an All-Russian interuniversity platform designed to promote Russian legal researches abroad. The magazine is meant for both Russian and foreign readers including major world legal libraries, academics and practicing lawyers. International editorial board and editorial team are represented by professors from leading world centers of legal education and legal science, like Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and La Sorbonne, as well as by scientists from Russian law schools (Moscow State University, Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Saint-Petersburg State University, Higher School of Economics).

LAWTEK Group (PravoTEK Group) - a major company providing legal information services for the oil and gas, mining and energy sectors and focuses on the following activities:


Lawtek MEDIA



23 Zatsepa st, office 11, Moscow, 115054
T.:(499)235-47-88, 235-25-49
F.:(499) 235-23-61

The Russian Arbitration Association was founded in April 2013 in Moscow to unite legal practitioners, law firms and academics. The Association represents broad interests of the business, legal and education communities involved in the alternative dispute resolution in Russia and the CIS.

The main objective of the Association is cooperation in the development of arbitration in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, popularizing Russia as a venue for arbitration, promotion of Russian arbitrators at national and international levels within the arbitration context, as well as the promotion of foreign arbitrators interested in arbitral proceedings, directly or indirectly relating to Russia and the CIS countries.

The RAA supports a professional group for young arbitration practitioners RAA40 which aim is to promote arbitration and educate lawyers on alternative dispute resolution.